Can I Become Pregnant After Tubal Ligation?

Published: 25th August 2010
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For most women, having a tubal ligation is the end of their reproductive years. Generally speaking, when a woman makes the decision to undergo this type of permanent female sterilization, she has no plans to have additional children in the future. However, for some women the idea of having more children does become a reality when they decide that they've made a mistake having the tubal ligation performed in the first place. These are the women that will be asking the question of whether or not pregnancy is possible after tubal ligation.

The great news for these ladies is that pregnancy is definitely possible after having your tubes tied. There are many factors that a surgeon has to consider before he can perform a tubal reversal procedure. While this procedure is not well known among many patients and even their doctors, it is a great alternative to the expensive in vitro fertilization process. IVF is not only expensive but has a very low success rate per cycle.

Tubal reversal is a much better option for most women as long as they meet a certain set of criteria. First of all, the doctor will want to investigate a woman's fertility based upon her current age and health status. Obviously, if she is outside of the range of being able to get pregnant naturally, the doctor may recommend that she gets more assistance from a reproductive specialist. However, if she is still within her fertile years then a tubal reversal might be the best case scenario.

The doctor will also look at what kind of tubal ligation she had originally because that will make a difference in how the reversal will be handled. In addition, the doctor will want to look at the woman's original surgical report so that he can see what kind of tubal ligation was performed as well as how long her remaining fallopian tube lengths are. If the ligation surgeon removed too much of the tubes, then it can pose a problem to having a successful reversal surgery. Once the reversal surgeon takes all of these factors into consideration, he can give a woman a good idea of whether or not she will be successful.

When a woman is questioning whether she can become pregnant after tubal ligation, she needs to seek the expert assistance offered at the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center. Their website offers a wealth of information including forums and success stories for women who want to get pregnant after tubal ligation.

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